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Flying Wing Aircraft
This is intended to be a group for those interested in flying wing aircraft design and construction.  Sharing of history, theory and practical application of these unique aircraft is encouraged. Though it is intended that this group be focused on amateur built flying wing aircraft those interested in commercial and military versions are welcome to participate.  As needed over time sub-groups will be added for those primarily interested in specific examples of flying wing aircraft.
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  • FlyingWings | FauvelWings
    Fauvel flying wings especially the AV-36 and AV-45 versions.
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  • FlyingWings | HortenWings
    Subgroup devoted to Horten flying wing designs and derivatives.
    3 Members, 0 Topics, Public Archives
  • Mitchell U-2 and B-10 Flying Wings
    Subgroup devoted to the original Mitchell B-10 and U-2
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